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Memories In Writing: A Gift That Keeps Giving...

Since its founding in 2012, Memories in Writing has been dedicated to a unique mission: tapping into the lived history of our loved ones and helping them to tell their own stories as only they can. Our passion lies in preserving the essence of self; because that’s what memories are. Even as our minds and bodies begin to diminish, our stories tell a tale that can live forever.

Alvin Jemmott had a story to tell, but he wasn’t exactly sure where to start. He hadn’t always planned to write a book. In fact, it wasn’t something that had ever rely crossed his radar at all—he was far too busy working as one of the top tourism professionals in his home country of Barbados. But as the years—and several beloved family members—passed on, Alvin began to think more about memories and how precious our stories really are.

Designated as the eulogist at the funeral of his loved ones, Alvin found himself at a crossroads. He knew the people, and he knew their stories, but trying to piece them all together felt like trying to hastily assemble a patchwork quilt. There were so many wonderful stories without context, like so many lovingly hand-stitched quilt squares left scattered and unfinished. These were lives separated from their history. How could Alvin be expected to put the quilt together all by himself?

And so he thought about history, and about storytelling. And he thought about how memories can be a gift we give the future. Finally, after much consideration and a bit of prodding from friends, Alvin had to ask himself: how could his own story change the course of the future?

At 85 years old, and at the behest of his adult daughters, Gary sat down, put pen to paper, and tried to record his life’s story. But he quickly realized that condensing nearly nine centuries of life into an organized, comprehensible story would be no easy feat. Gary struggled to stay on track, his mind quickly flitting from his days in high school to his stint in the military to his marriage.

How can you even begin to tell a story so many years in the making? Where do you start? Gary wanted something he could hand down to his family, and his daughters were eager for him to share his life’s history. But no matter how hard he tried, Gary was stumped. The story was inside him, waiting to be let out, but the act of actually putting it down on paper seemed like an insurmountable obstacle.

The Way Forward

Even though their lives were about as different as they could be, the issue that confronted both Alvin and Gary was the same. They wanted to leave a legacy of the written word, not only for themselves but for their loved ones—and any others who might recognize themselves in the stories they shared. But it turned out that both their problems had the same solution. After searching online, Alvin and Gary discovered Memories in Writing, and began the journey of recording their life’s story.

Memories in Writing’s services are perfect for anybody who wants to share their story but needs a little bit of assistance putting it all together. Our do-it-yourself workbook, online solution and interview service guide you through the process of telling your story your way, while keeping you focused, organized, and on track. The online and interview services include a digital and hardbound book. Our friendly, passionate people are always there to assist you as you bring your story to life.

But our dedication to memory goes beyond just our products and services. At Memories in Writing, our mission is to preserve the past in the present to help shape the future. That’s why, in addition to our story preservation services, we also donate a portion of our time, proceeds, and products to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research, Care & Support.

At Memories in Writing, we recognize that stories that go untold and unrecorded may become lost to time. But as long as there is someone who can remember, who can pass the story along to the next generation, it will never die. A memory is a gift that deserves to be shared. Memories In Writing products and services make a great birthday, mother's day or father's day gift.

Start preserving your stories or help a loved on preserve theirs by choosing one of our products or services, or schedule a call, and we’ll help you choose one that’s right for you.

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