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A Memory Is A Gift Worth Sharing...

We help you achieve your goal, which helps us achieve ours -  Help individuals capture and preserve their stories & family history



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Supporters order a MIW product and you receive $100 for every 25 sold.

Register for our fundraising program -  Don't miss this chance to raise funds for your cause while offering your supporters our Do-It-Yourself Memoir products at a discount! Here's how it works: 1.Sign up for a MIW Fundraiser Code. 2.Share your fundraiser code with your supporters. 3.Your supporters can make purchases at a discounted price using your code. 4.Keep an eye on your dashboard to track the sales. 5.For every 25 products sold using your code, you'll receive $100. Don't miss this chance to raise funds for your organization while offering your supporters great products at a discount! Register today and start making a difference.


WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO REACH YOUR GOAL? - Use our fundraising calculator to show how much money you will raise through our program. You can do this by inputting the number of participants/supporters, and then the number of MIW products sold and/or purchased using your fundraising code. Your estimated amount raised will then be calculated.

*A minimum of 25 products must be sold is required to receive payment

  • Writing Longhand
    We would recommend our Do-It-Yourself Spiral Bound Memoir Workbook - ​Our Spiral Bound Do-It-Yourself Memoir Workbook [Look Inside] arrives packaged in a beautiful gift box with a card and instructions on the option to transform the completed workbook into a hardbound book. It is the perfect gift for you, a family member, friend or business client. You can have our Memoir Workbook mailed directly to a family member, friend, or client with a personal note from you. Simply let us know what you would like the message to say during checkout and we'll put it on a card and package it all together in a gift box. Or purchase our DIY Memoir Workbook, write a message on the card, and deliver it yourself. Our DIY Memoir Workbook provides an easy way for users to recollect and write their memories and experiences at their own pace by providing thoughtfully crafted questions that walk users through their life stages. It begins with an introduction and covers early years, adulthood, marriage, parenting, beliefs, opinions and more. What Makes Our DIY Memoir Workbook Different? Customers can have their story preserved in a hardbound book by mailing their completed memoir workbook and a selection of personal photos to Memories In Writing; we use the workbook responses, and photos to capture and preserve their story. Information is included in the workbook or you can purchase a DIY Memoir Workbook and Prepaid Custom Book Bundle. The DIY Memoir Workbook and Prepaid Custom Book Bundle provides everything needed for customers to return their completed workbook to us and have it along with personal photos transformed in to a beautiful hardbound book. Pricing includes 1 DIY Memoir Workbook, Shipping, Handling and 2 hardbound full color books (up to 150 pages each) and the following services: • Finished Book Interior Design and Layout • Workbook written responses transcribed into typed copy • Up to 25 photos (scanned and digitized) • A light edit: Quick Review for Typos and Punctuation Errors • One Book Cover design: Standard Template (Customer can select 1 photo for the cover) • Prepaid postage label and envelope, making it easy to return the completed workbook and photos All materials received are scanned for processing and the originals are quickly returned to clients. Average processing time is 6 -8 weeks for Workbook Customers; the complexity of the project can alter this timing. We do offer expedited services at an additional charge. Please note: The workbook and prepaid custom book bundle expires 12 months after purchase. Customers do not have to purchase the prepaid custom book bundle to have their workbook converted into a hardbound book, the custom book package can be purchased at anytime. We also offer promotional workbooks, allowing businesses an opportunity to advertise on the back cover; providing clients with a memorable and treasured gift. [Learn More] SELECT THE LINK BELOW TO BUY NOW: WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION:
  • Using A Computer To Write
    We would recommend our MIW Online Workbook - Our Online workbook is perfect for individuals that would like to Capture their stories using a computer or mobile device. It is structured to assist users with preserving their life story or preserving a compilation of memories, by providing an easy to follow structure and memory prompting questions. MIW Online Workbook Customers Receive: Access to the MIW Online Workbook, which is broken into chapters that walk users through their life stages. Access to Memory Prompting Questionnaires, and videos designed to help users recollect their memories. The ability to answer the memory prompting questionnaires or record your stories The ability to print your stories and download recordings The ability to upload or paste stories if already written The ability to add up to 25 photos with captions This annual plan includes 2 full color hardbound books - When you are done, we will preserve your story and photos in 2 Full Color Hardbound Books (up to 150 pages) Extra copies available for order SELECT THE LINK BELOW TO BUY NOW: WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION:
  • Being Interviewed by Phone or Online
    Our MIW Interview Service is Best For You - Our interview service is a convenient way to preserve your stories or help a loved one preserve theirs. An assigned MIW representative will contact you or the gift recipient by phone or video conference on your scheduled dates and times to record your/their stories. Each session is 15–30 minutes, depending upon the client. Representatives are trained to make each session enjoyable, engaging, and easy going. Clients can purchase extra interview hours if necessary. The MIW Online Interview Packages Includes: 2 interview hours (telephone or online) - extra time can be purchased 2 full color hardbound books (up to 150 pages) Includes your story, personal photos and layout 1 interview / photo collection packet (sent by mail) ​ After you purchase this package, you will receive a interview packet, it contains information on how to schedule your initial call and how to send photos that you want included in your story book. This package expires one year after purchase. This package expires one year after purchase. SELECT THE LINK BELOW TO BUY NOW: WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION:



Starting at $12.95 ea
 $175 Includes 2 books
Pricing starts at $975

About Us

For a decade, Memories In Writing has been helping individuals capture, share and preserve their stories. We believe everyone has a story to tell and every story matters, which is why we offer easy and affordable solutions to match a variety of needs. Whether you’re tech savvy, prefer pen and paper or would rather talk through your story with one of our trained interviewers, we’re committed to helping preserve your priceless memories for current and future generations. 

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