We come together to break bread, and inevitably, someone says, “remember when?”

Everyone’s eyes light up. We laugh together, reminiscing about the good times. We cry together as we share the pain of loss. Sometimes, we laugh until we cry or cry until we laugh. We relive memories together. We relive the emotions. It transports us to times long past.

But have you ever noticed that no matter how well everyone knows the story, nobody tells it exactly the same way, and never the same way twice? The details are there; the beats are the same, but we’re all convinced that someone else can better spin the yarn. Maybe it’s mom, Uncle Bob, or perhaps it’s grandad, but one thing’s for sure – there is no other storyteller that can fill their shoes.

We all have a story to tell. Maybe it’s been locked inside for so long that you almost forgot that it was there. Perhaps it’s one that you tell regularly, but each time it loses some of its depth and luster, like a favorite blanket that’s worn thin from use. Or, maybe it’s still as fresh as the day it happened.

Memories In Writing supplies everything you need to capture the stories you want to tell. When you are finished, we can transform your thoughts and images into a beautiful printed or digital book.

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Our elders are the keepers of our stories. When they tell their tales, it’s so vivid, so alive, and rich with detail. For them, it’s not just any story; it’s their story, their life. And each time they share, they conjure a spirit from the past and deepen the connection to our roots.

We cherish the time we spend with our elders and treasure their wisdom. But we also know that one day they will have passed on, and their stories will be all we have left to remember them by.

Wouldn’t you like those memories to live on for generations and delight your children—and their children—with the same wonder and awe?

Memories in Writing helps you preserve these precious memories while they are still vibrant, and now is a perfect time to think about making this happen.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Whether it’s a gift for your family or the start of a yearly tradition, we supply everything you need to capture the stories you want to tell. When you are finished, we can transform your thoughts and images into a beautiful printed or digital book.

Can you think of a better way thing to do during these unprecedented times? Get started on your journey today.

“Unprecedented Times”… Posted on billboards, spoken in commercials, incorporated in marketing letters and appearing on websites. What does this term mean for you?

The other day I went to visit my mom at her senior living facility — visitors are not allowed inside but able to meet with the residents via., face-time, video conference or through the window. Moments after I arrived, she was escorted to the window, I was pleased when I saw that she and her caregiver were wearing isolation masks. Due to her dementia, she is unable to comprehend what is going on around her, therefore she spent the majority of the visit trying to convince me to come inside… She was happy and was being “mom”, in her “new mom” way; which allowed me to leave satisfied feeling that all was well.

After leaving my mom’s facility, I stopped by a nearby restaurant to pick up carryout and was mocked by a lady sitting nearby. It was obvious that she wanted me to hear… “Why are these idiots wearing masks; it’s not that serious…”. What she did not know is that as of this note, my moms living facility has a 100% fatality among its residents that have contracted Covid… Me wearing the mask was not only my attempt to be a responsible citizen but also a symbol of Hope… “Hope” that I will be able to receive the customary pat on that hand from my mom and hear her sing her favorite James Brown song when we make it through this “unprecedented time” and welcome our “new norm”….

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