We often look back on the past with a rosy, nostalgic glow, remembering the good old days when computers, cellphones, and even calculators were inconceivable developments! We learned from books, newspapers, and our elders. The library was our fount of knowledge.

Things weren’t easier, but they were much simpler.

We remember the early morning walks to school, and gleefully running back home at lunch to catch our favorite radio or television program. We recall the clack of typewriters and the puffs of chalk-cloud as one unlucky student clapped the blackboard erasers at the end of the day. Our teachers elicited from us a mix of awe, fear, and respect.

School taught us many things, but not everything was learned from books. Education was so much more than just the hours we spent sitting quietly in rows.

We learned about people and built relationships. We learned to love, to communicate our thoughts, and discovered things about ourselves that shaped who we are today. We plumbed the depths of our curiosity and used our hands to create, leaving high school well-rounded and capable, ready to take on the world.

From physical education, team sports, band practice, choir, camping trips, Friday night dances, and prom night, we relish the moments spent with friends, exploring, growing, living in the moment.

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It’s not just the times that have changed – in truth, kids today still enjoy the same things. The difference is that today, the connection is not as personal or direct. Social media has replaced social groups. Kids don’t even walk to school anymore, as safety is a concern.

Now, in the time of COVID, remote learning has imposed yet another barrier between us and the rest of the world. We certainly can’t predict what lies ahead, but it is possible that virtual learning might become more the norm than the exception.

Education is essential, but the emotional and social benefits of being in school are lost when each child sits at home behind a screen.

Striking a compromise between distance learning and the classroom, many families are choosing to homeschool, or create “pods” that combine kids from households in their area. Interestingly, though this learning approach is born of necessity, it’s like coming full-circle. Our ancestors homeschooled, and our grandparents likely attended a one-room schoolhouse that taught several grades at once. What’s old is new again!

This is an excellent example of how our past experiences and ways of looking at things are still so relevant today. Maintaining our connection to the past informs the future. Lending insight into how we made things work might well help the next generation become a little more resilient in the process.

Memories In Writing: Your Story Matters!

Through our remembrances, the past lives on. Today’s technology provides us with new mediums to record our thoughts and experiences, making it easy to delight our loved ones and help future generations learn from our past.

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We come together to break bread, and inevitably, someone says, “remember when?”

Everyone’s eyes light up. We laugh together, reminiscing about the good times. We cry together as we share the pain of loss. Sometimes, we laugh until we cry or cry until we laugh. We relive memories together. We relive the emotions. It transports us to times long past.

But have you ever noticed that no matter how well everyone knows the story, nobody tells it exactly the same way, and never the same way twice? The details are there; the beats are the same, but we’re all convinced that someone else can better spin the yarn. Maybe it’s mom, Uncle Bob, or perhaps it’s grandad, but one thing’s for sure – there is no other storyteller that can fill their shoes.

We all have a story to tell. Maybe it’s been locked inside for so long that you almost forgot that it was there. Perhaps it’s one that you tell regularly, but each time it loses some of its depth and luster, like a favorite blanket that’s worn thin from use. Or, maybe it’s still as fresh as the day it happened.

Memories In Writing supplies everything you need to capture the stories you want to tell. When you are finished, we can transform your thoughts and images into a beautiful printed or digital book.

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