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A Memory Is A Gift Worth Sharing...

Capture Hearts and Minds:  Become a Memories In Writing Do-It-Yourself Memoir Workbook sponsor and advertise your business on the back cover.  We distribute these workbooks free of charge to seniors, veterans, students and many others. This offers sponsors a unique opportunity to connect with a dedicated and grateful audience. 

Packages as low as $6.00 per book


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Some of our business clients - helping their clients, capture & preserve their stories...

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As a workbook sponsor, you play a vital role in safeguarding family stories. You also get the chance to profoundly affect the recipients of these workbooks, along with their families and friends, for many years.

We distribute these workbooks free of charge to seniors, veterans, students and many others. This offers sponsors a unique opportunity to connect with a dedicated and grateful audience. Additionally, it maximizes your business's visibility by featuring it on the back cover.

Envision the delight on the faces of those receiving this meaningful gift, as they realize it is a key to capturing and preserving their most cherished memories or aiding someone dear in doing the same. • This workbook is not just a thoughtful gift, but also a potent marketing instrument. It establishes a genuine connection with its recipients. As they begin their memoir-writing journey, your business advertisement accompanies them, enhancing your brand's presence and deepening your relationship with them. • A sponsored workbook has a remarkable ability to spark enthusiastic referrals. When recipients share their completed workbooks to friends and family, curiosity about its origin naturally arises, bringing your business into the spotlight. • Sponsoring our DIY Memoir Workbook is a cost-effective marketing strategy. This memorable gift not only leaves a lasting impression on your customers but also boosts brand loyalty and recognition. This heartfelt and lasting gift transforms into a treasured keepsake, cherished for years. Grab this chance to make a memorable impact on your target audience.

Packages as low as $6.00 per book



The Memories In Writing Do-It-Yourself Memoir Workbook is 5.5 x 8.5 inches, making it conveniently portable. It is spiral bound and includes 108 pages. Inside, the workbook presents over 150 thoughtfully crafted questions designed to prompt memories, each accompanied by space for written responses. 

Beginning with an introduction and extending to the exploration of life's significant stages, carefully crafted questions and memory prompts pave the way for a captivating narrative. Users have the flexibility to progress through the workbook at their own pace, capturing and documenting cherished memories and experiences at each meaningful milestone. Whether it's early years, adulthood, marriage, parenting, beliefs, opinions, or more, the workbook covers a wide range of topics to ensure a comprehensive and meaningful memoir. Users can reflect on their childhood, their first job, their first apartment or house, and the invaluable lessons learned through parenting, marriage, and friendship. Additionally, they can document their unique perspectives on current and past events, and share personal details like medical history, their favorite TV show, cherished recipes, or beloved songs. Completed workbooks make a treasured keepsake but at any time customers have the option to order our custom book package. It's as easy as returning the completed workbook, accompanied by a handpicked assortment of personal photos, to Memories In Writing.

Packages as low as $6.00 per book

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Giving your current and potential clients a Memories In Writing Do-It-Yourself memoir workbook allows your business to gain maximum exposure by being featured on the back cover. This isn't merely a promotional giveaway; it's a treasured keepsake that will be valued for years.

Packages as low as $6.00 per book


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A COMPANY WITH A CAUSE:  We donate a portion of our time and products to support organizations dedicated to Alzheimer's and Dementia Research, Care & Support. Your purchase contributes to this meaningful initiative.

About Us

Memories In Writing is a Minority/Woman-owned business that has been helping individuals capture, preserve and share their stories for over a decade. We believe everyone has a story to tell and every story matters, which is why we offer easy and affordable solutions to match a variety of needs. Whether you’re tech savvy, prefer pen and paper or would rather talk through your story with one of our trained interviewers, we’re committed to helping preserve individual and family stories for future generations. 

Your Story, Your Words, Your Legacy!

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