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Our Self-Guided Online Memoir Workbook is crafted to offer an easy and flexible way for individuals to document their life stories. This digital platform is accessible via both computer and mobile devices, ensuring that users can document their memories in the most convenient way possible. From capturing cherished childhood moments to detailing transformative life events, our online workbook is a distinctive, customizable solution for immortalizing your personal journey. This intuitive tool empowers anyone to author their own memoir with ease.


What Our Clients Get:

  • Full access to the DIY Online Workbook, segmented into detailed sub-chapters including introductions, and sections on childhood, adulthood, marriage, parenting, personal beliefs, opinions, and more.
  • The capability to write or record stories by responding to our thought-provoking questions designed to jog your memory.
  • The option to include up to 25 photographs with captions to enrich your narrative.
  • The convenience of printing out your compiled stories.
  • Flexibility to upload or insert pre-written stories into the workbook.


The MIW Online Workbook Full Package further enriches this experience by offering two hardbound books in full color, featuring up to 150 pages of your compiled stories (with the option to order more copies). Package Cost: $175


For those opting for the Online Workbook Only Package, there's the future possibility to enhance your memoir with custom-printed books.



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