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Your Story... Is Only A Story You Can Tell...

Alvin Jemmott wasn’t always planning to write a book about his life. Jemmott, the owner of a hotel management company, has spent about 40 years in the tourism industry. His resume includes acting as chairman of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., a leading economic industry of Barbados.

Despite rising from humble beginnings to become a respected leader in tourism in his home country, Jemmott hadn’t always considered how his story of success over adversity might be able to inspire others. In fact, it took encouragement from a friend and reflection in some hard times before he really considered it.

Jemmott said he received a letter from a friend on his 50th birthday. “The Alvin Jemmott story is a story that only Alvin Jemmott can tell,” the letter said. Not long after that, Alvin lost several beloved family members. As the chosen eulogist for each of their memorials, he realized he wished they’d recorded more of their stories. “I was always having to then piece together stories to tell about them,” he said. I wondered why they wouldn’t have documented their stories. It would’ve made it all so much easier on me.

That’s when he said he knew it was time to begin documenting his own story.

“We are close knit, or so it would appear, but then there’s so much that wasn’t known,” he said. “For me the only way to truly expand the knowledge was to document and share it.”

Alvin said he had no idea where to start, so he took to the internet to look for programs that might be helpful. That’s when he came across Memories In Writing. The program appealed to him because Memories would give him questions and prompts, he’d provide answers, then Memories would compile it all into a story, all for a price that wasn’t scary.

“I thought, the average guy could do this,” Alvin said. It was a labor of love.

Alvin used the Memories In Writing program to work his way through questions and prompts spanning his life so far – jogging his memory for stories and experiences that shaped his future. Those questions ultimately became a published book titled “This Journey I’m On…”

His story of success despite challenges is sure to inspire anyone. He hopes that’s exactly what it does. “This Journey I’m On... “ is available for purchase on Amazon.

Whether you’re looking to write a book you could sell on Amazon or just hoping to record your story to share with those you love, Memories In Writing can help you with the heavy lifting. Find out more about how we can help you get started today at

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