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Love is...

February is a special month. In this month we honor generations of black Americans who've made momentous contributions to our society throughout our country's history, as well as our black friends and neighbors who enrich our everyday lives.

Fittingly, February is also a month to celebrate love in all its beautiful forms.

Love, defined by the Oxford dictionary as "an intense feeling of deep affection."

But love takes on many meanings. Love is in moments little and large. Love is in tiny gestures and in unbridled support through our toughest battles. Love grows in each of us the moment we meet someone new with whom we click.

Perhaps most importantly, love is limitless. There's more than enough to go around.

As we settle into another cold, cozy month with spring blooms and warmer weather on the horizon, perhaps we can take these next 29 days to lean into the love we have in our lives.

If you've been wondering where to start with your own life story or looking for a jumping off point of reflection. Let love guide the way.

Ask yourself these four questions:

How does/did the love of my life make me feel on a daily basis?

What does love of my children/grandchildren/nieces and nephews look like to me?

What is my unique love language? For this, i challenge you not to think in terms of the famous five love languages, but think of what you specifically do for others when you need to show love -- in times of pain, in times of joy, how do you share your love? Is it baking a specific recipe your grandmother passed down? Or offering to run errands for the new mom down the street? Maybe it's simply being with someone you love so they know they're not alone. Find your love language, write it down and perhaps celebrate it by putting it to practice once a week all month long.

How can I love my neighbors who aren't exactly like me? The power in this question is recognizing that our communities are made stronger and better through the diversity of background, thought, lifestyle and traditions.

Feel free to take the questions beyond this page and write your answers in a journal or workbook. Start sharing your story by sharing what love truly means to you.

From all of us here at Memories In Writing, may you feel the lasting effects of love this February.

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