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Memories In Writing Helps Capture, Preserve and Share Individual, Family and Collective Stories with affordable and easy to use solutions:


Passionate about preserving priceless memories for future generations  Memories In Writing owes its beginnings to Lachelles’ passion for preserving life histories. Her fascination with personal stories reaches back to childhood. “Growing up, I worked at my mom’s publishing company,” she recalls. “We’d take customers’ handwritten, typed, or spoken stories and transform them into finished books. Although we worked on everything from cookbooks to fiction, I quickly realized that my favorites were memoir projects.” Lachelle relished

interviewing clients and helping them sort through photos while recalling memories and experiences from long ago. She was captivated by stories of events that occurred before her birth—and, by diving into the details, she received a first-rate history education. Lachelle has documented stories about the advent of home television, life during the Depression, immigration to America, and reactions to political upheavals, among many others.  “Hearing about each life story, in its richness and diversity, has brought me and its teller great joy.”


Celebrating seniors’ memories and insights

While in college, Lachelle volunteered at hospices, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes, and through this experience she developed a strong bond with seniors as well as the tools to guide them through preserving their life stories. “My grandmother moved to a memory care facility—it saddens my family and me to see her slowly but surely losing the essence of herself as her memory slips away. My experience with my grandmother inspired me to found Memories In Writing, so that other families have access to an easy way to preserve someone’s memories and unique wisdom.”


Helping Capture & Preserve Individual, Group and Family Stories -- One Memory At A Time...

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