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A Time For Transition

Late summer and early fall are times of transition. Across the country, parents are moving their last child off to college or out into the real world and learning how to hold a new identity as empty nesters.

Others are walking their kindergartener into a classroom for the first time and hoping their backpacks have the right supplies.

Meanwhile, kids are nervously getting on the bus to middle school for the first time and hoping they can remember their locker combination.

Transitions are a natural trigger for reflection. They almost force us to look back – what if this next stage isn’t one in which I thrive? What if it’s not what I expect?

How many of these transitions have you faced in life – those in which you were scared of the unexpected. And how many of them turned out better than you could’ve imagined?

How many led you in a life-changing direction – with people who became lifelong friends or new ideas that helped you discern what you want out of life.

Transitional moments are significant. Not in spite of the fact they make us reflect on what we’ve left behind, but because of it. To know who we are to become, we must know who we’ve been.

Memories in Writing’s services are perfect for anybody who wants to share their story but needs a little bit of assistance putting it all together. Our do-it-yourself workbook, online solution and interview service guide you through the process of telling your story your way, while keeping you focused, organized, and on track. The online and interview services include a digital and hardbound book. Our friendly, passionate people are always there to assist you as you bring your story to life.

But our dedication to memory goes beyond just our products and services. At Memories in Writing, our mission is to preserve the past in the present to help shape the future. That’s why, in addition to our story preservation services, we also donate a portion of our time, proceeds, and products to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research, Care & Support.

At Memories in Writing, we recognize that stories that go untold and unrecorded may become lost to time. But as long as there is someone who can remember, who can pass the story along to the next generation, it will never die. A memory is a gift that deserves to be shared. Memories In Writing products and services make a great birthday, mother's day or father's day gift.

Start preserving your stories or help a loved on preserve theirs by choosing one of our products or services, or schedule a call, and we’ll help you choose one that’s right for you.

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