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Breathe, Just Breathe...

It’s incredibly easy to get sucked into the resolution game this time of year. We’re all looking for ways to do better, be better, look better or feel better as we turn the page on a new year.

There are diets to follow and habits to be made, but it’s not always easy to keep up. In fact, more than two thirds of the way into January, you might’ve already moved on from your initial goals of the year. There’s no shame in that. We’ve all been there.

Being your best self doesn’t have to mean making drastic changes. Maybe you could benefit from practicing a bit of mindfulness and leaning into all you’ve done and seen up to this point?

Here are a handful of ideas for celebrating all that’s made you who you are as you take on a new year with surprises ahead:

  • Write down a short list of places you’ve visited and what made you most happy while you were there. At a time when most of us are not traveling like we usually do, think about the impact those trips (be they for work or play) had on your perspective of the world.

  • Jot down the names of three people you’d like to call or write a letter to in the next two weeks. What do you want to say to them? Now set the time aside to make the call or write the letter. Put it on your calendar if you’re afraid you might forget or declare you’re too busy.

  • Choose a book you’ve had for a while and never read. Commit to reading a little each day, even if you start with just one page before bed.

  • Go through that junk drawer -- you know the one -- rifle through the loose batteries, and post-it notepads, test the pens to see which ones actually still work, put your checkbook in a more responsible place. Just take the time to address something small and realize the impact even a little bit of organization can have on your mindset.

  • Breathe. We know it sounds silly. You breathe all the time without thinking about it, but try thinking about it for once. Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s a new workout or just having a cup of coffee on your couch, stop for a few beats and focus on your breaths. Recognize how many millions of breaths you’ve taken without notice -- how many significant moments in which your body has carried on with its responsibility of breathing without any effort. Just breathe.

Maybe you’ll finish reading this and get right back to the resolution work you’ve started. Maybe you’ll do one or two of these and that’s it. Maybe you’ll do the whole list. We’re not keeping tabs. We’re just hoping this new year has been and will continue to be one that reminds you to delight in all the moments that make your life.

Memories In Writing is always here to help you and your loved ones track those moments. Maybe you’re ready to start recording what you’ve experienced or maybe you want to help your mom or dad get started. Either way, we have our Captured Memories Workbook and MIW Online solutions that make it easy and we’re excited to help you get started.

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