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The final letter

Have you ever written a letter to someone you know would be gone soon?

I recently gave myself the task of sitting down to write out just exactly how important someone is to me. This particular person, counted among my most favorite people in my life, doesn't have much time left.

Being someone who writes for a living and for pleasure, I knew I needed to sit down and put my thoughts to paper (or digital space, as it usually is these days). I first considered just writing this for myself; a way to process my feelings. This isn't a new concept for me. I've been journaling since I was quite young and have processed most of life's biggest hurdles via written word.

But then I realized these weren't words that should be kept to myself. I decided it needed to be a letter.

Too often, people are taken from this world in sudden manner; car accident, drowning, gun violence, etc. Too often, those of us left behind have words we wish we'd taken the time to say while we could.

The idea of reading a final letter aloud to one of my dearest loved ones is terrifying. Even the idea of them reading it while I'm in the same room feels far too heavy for my heart. But neither of those compares to the feeling I know I'd have if I let them go without expressly sharing how they've enriched my life.

This letter will likely be read one or two times by its recipient, or perhaps many more if we're at all lucky. But its impact will stretch far beyond the days they have left. I will hold a copy for myself and will no doubt reread it over the years.

The given copy will eventually be in the hands of others who love them; others who should be so lucky as to know the impact their beloved had on those beyond their immediate family.

Today, as I write this, I am grateful for the opportunity to share these thoughts before it's too late.

And I sit here with words rolling down the page hoping that at least one of your dear readers will take the time to write your own letter -- seize the chance to say thank you and let someone know their true impact while you still have time with them. You will not regret it.

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