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New Year, New You?

New Year, New You. That’s what we always hear. As we prepare to take wall calendars down and replace them with fresh pages, we make checklists of things we can change or do better in the new year. We opt in to getting smaller or eating better.

We reflect on all that’s happened in the past twelve months, but we also look ahead toward improvement, change, balance, calm. 

Some of us will kick off diets, start gym memberships, curb spending, cut alcohol or any other number of self-improvement style habits on January 1. And it’s all in the name of being better or doing better.

But that’s not all that matters. 

See, as we look ahead to 2024 and beyond, we must also honor all that brought us to this place today. We must reflect back beyond this past calendar year and acknowledge the stepping stones to this moment in time we now briefly call home. 

Because all of this is fleeting. Every moment, every carefully calibrated change, every clumsy misstep or mistake we wish we could do over in a different way is fleeting. But they all make us who we are.

So as 2024 begins and as you rip off those final calendar pages or lace up your new sneakers, we at Memories In Writing encourage you to also take the time to honor your past. For every resolution you write, take equal time to write a memory – record the moments that built you. 

Because every moment, though fleeting, is part of your legacy. In 2024, let’s celebrate that.

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