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Hobbies that made us

What are your hobbies? If you sat down right now and made a list of things you love to do, not for pay or obligation, but purely for enjoyment, what would you say?

Now, what if I asked the same question but changed the time frame? What were your hobbies 10 years ago? 20? What did you do for fun when you were 18 or 9?

The list has changed. Inevitably, life and maturity change our interests. We go through things that force a pause in particular hobbies or we simply outgrow them.

Such is life. We grow and change and sometimes forget who we once were and what we once loved.

Are there any old hobbies that connect to where you are in life today? Did you love building with Legos as a kid and now find yourself enjoying woodworking or construction projects? Maybe you had a passion for making clothes for your dolls when you were young and have since sewn dozens of outfits for your beautiful grandbabies.

Now ask yourself this -- are there any hobbies you once loved that you think you'd enjoy picking up again? What's stopping you? After all, you're never too old to find enjoyment in this life. Sometimes the inspiration lies in days you've already lived.

At Memories In Writing, we encourage everyone to embrace today by looking back at yesterday. Understanding your own story and the people, places, activities and events that made you are an incredibly important part of appreciating the journey of life. We'd love to help you rediscover your own story. To get started or schedule a consult with a representative to learn more, just visit

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