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The Joys of Shared Experiences

We come together to break bread, and inevitably, someone says, “remember when?”

Everyone’s eyes light up. We laugh together, reminiscing about the good times. We cry together as we share the pain of loss. Sometimes, we laugh until we cry or cry until we laugh. We relive memories together. We relive the emotions. It transports us to times long past.

But have you ever noticed that no matter how well everyone knows the story, nobody tells it exactly the same way, and never the same way twice? The details are there; the beats are the same, but we’re all convinced that someone else can better spin the yarn. Maybe it’s mom, Uncle Bob, or perhaps it’s grandad, but one thing’s for sure – there is no other storyteller that can fill their shoes.

We all have a story to tell. Maybe it’s been locked inside for so long that you almost forgot that it was there. Perhaps it’s one that you tell regularly, but each time it loses some of its depth and luster, like a favorite blanket that’s worn thin from use. Or, maybe it’s still as fresh as the day it happened.

Memories In Writing supplies everything you need to capture the stories you want to tell. When you are finished, we can transform your thoughts and images into a beautiful printed or digital book.

Get started on your journey today.

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