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Preserve Your Stories With This DIY Workbook By Memories In Writing

Jan. 23, 2024

Memories In Writing offers do-it-yourself memoir products that facilitate individuals in capturing and reserving their life stories in a book.

Greenville, South Carolina, Jan. 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Founded in 2012, Memories In Writing is a minority/woman-owned business dedicated to helping people preserve personal narratives. The company traces its roots back to BWD Publishing which was founded in 2002 by Rhondia Turano.

Rhondia, a co-founder of Memories In Writing, embarked on a journey at first to introduce companies to online advertising before taking the business in a very different direction.

The pivotal moment came when a client showed up at the office with a shoe box full of letters and poems from his daughter who had recently passed away and requested the works be transformed into a personal book that would be titled “The Dreamer”. The heartfelt request was to compile the pieces into a book format that could be shared with her nieces and nephews that she wouldn’t get a chance to meet. This event inspired the desire for a more intimate and meaningful approach to help individuals capture, preserve, and share their stories. This revelation is what steered BWD Publishing away from traditional publishing models and marked the genesis of their Captured Memories, Do-It-Yourself Memoir workbook.

The transition on the Do-It-Yourself Memoir Workbook over the years

The journey of Memories In Writing started when Lachelle, Rhondia’s daughter, rediscovered one of the original BWD, Do-It-Yourself Memoir workbooks. This chance moment reignited the passion for storytelling, breathing new life into the business that had shuttered after Rhondia’s career took her on a different path. “Memories are valuable gifts that can be shared through writing, making it a perfect way to preserve and cherish them,” expresses Rhondia.

Memories In Writing's DIY Memoir workbook, born out of a desire to make it easy for individuals to capture and preserve their unique narratives, became the cornerstone of a company that seeks to impact lives on a grand scale. The company expanded its offerings gradually, introducing the memoir interview service and its online Do-It-Yourself Memoir Workbook which allowed people to utilize a computer. These expanded offerings aimed to provide a variety of options for individuals to give them more avenues to tell their stories.

“We are on a new mission to help make it easier for individuals and families to capture and preserve their stories for current and future generations. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and every story matters, which is why we aim to make it easy for the preservation of individual stories to be universally accessible. This is why we have started the process of seeking sponsors that would allow us to distribute our workbooks for free to classrooms, seniors, and veterans,” expresses Rhondia. Although Memories in Writing offers digital solutions, she highlights the persistent preference for their physical workbook among those looking to preserve their stories.

Lachelle's pivotal role in modernizing the original memoir workbook and incorporating technology, such as the Memory Monday online version, highlights the company's adaptability. Memories In Writing recognizes the changing needs of younger as well as older generations and strives to provide accessible avenues for preserving memories, whether through tangible workbooks, online prompts, or interviews.

Every story, no matter how small, is an important piece in the intricate puzzle of our shared humanity.

“Every story, no matter how small, is an important piece in the intricate puzzle of our shared humanity. We are not just capturing stories; we’re crafting a legacy that resonates across time, acknowledging that each narrative contributes to the diverse human experience.” - Rhondia Turano

In a world inundated with sensationalized stories, Memories In Writing emphasizes the significance of capturing everyday moments with loved ones. The company encourages people to talk to neighbors or family members, preserving moments that can be relived in the years to come.

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