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Prepaid Workbook Custom Package

Completed workbooks make a treasured keepsake but purchasing The DIY Memoir Workbook and Prepaid Custom Book Bundle provides everything needed for customers to return their completed workbook to us and have it along with personal photos transformed in to a beautiful hardbound book.   Pricing includes 1 DIY Memoir Workbook, Shipping, Handling and 2 hardbound full color books (up to 150 pages each) and the following services:


• Finished Book Interior Design and Layout

• Workbook written responses transcribed into typed copy

• Up to 25 photos (scanned and digitized)

• A light edit: Quick Review for Typos and Punctuation Errors

• One Book Cover design: Standard Template (Customer can select 1 photo for the cover)

• Prepaid postage label and envelope, making it easy to return the completed workbook and photos

All materials received are scanned for processing and the originals are quickly returned to clients.

Average processing time is 6 -8 weeks for Workbook Customers; the complexity of the project can alter this timing. We do offer expedited services at an additional charge.


Please note: The workbook and prepaid custom book bundle expires 12 months after purchase.  Customers do not have to purchase the prepaid custom book bundle to have their workbook converted into a hardbound book, the custom book package can be purchased at anytime. 

Prepaid Workbook Custom Package

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