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Our Memoir Interview Service offers a streamlined and convenient method for individuals to document their life stories or present a unique gift that enables a loved one to preserve theirs. Conducted by a Memories In Writing representative, these interviews offer a guided journey through one's life, aiding in the recollection and documentation of precious memories.


A designated MIW Representative will reach out to you or the intended gift recipient at a pre-arranged time for a phone or video conference interview to document your or their story. Following the completion of the interviews, the responses are compiled into a narrative and immortalized with personal photos and captions in two exquisite, full-color hardbound books (up to 150 pages each).


What Clients Receive:


An Interview Packet: is mail before the interviews, this packet includes details on scheduling the initial consultation and instructions for submitting photos and captions to be featured in the hardbound book.


Up to Four Hours of Interview Time: Depending on the package chosen, interviews can be arranged in flexible 15-30 minute segments, customized according to the client's schedule. These sessions delve into various aspects of the client's life, including but not limited to, their introduction, early years, adulthood, marriage, parenting, beliefs, and opinions, with the option to purchase additional interview time if desired.


Two Elegant Full-Color Hardbound Books: Each book can contain up to 150 pages of the client's documented life story, with the option to order extra copies as needed.


  • You will receive an email with information on how to schedule your first appointment immediately afer you order.  Check your spam mail if you do not receive it immediately after placing your order. 

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