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Your Story... a collection of stories, accomplishments, and milestones.

NASA landed another rover on Mars. The incredible feat is yet another milestone that can make you feel small – not in a bad way, but small in the sort of awe and wonder you experience more often as a child.

We live in a big incredible world and the older we get, the tougher it can be to find those moments of awe. When we experience them, it can be profound. It can knock you off your feet if you stop and think about how small you are in the context of all that surrounds you. But those moments can also remind us how our lives contribute to the world at large.

History is a collection of individual stories, accomplishments, and milestones.

Maybe yours doesn’t include blatantly fascinating feats like landing a rover on Mars, but it does include all the memories you made with your friends when you were growing up. Those are the little moments that contributed to who they’ve become and who you’ve become. Those are the moments that build people who go out into the world and make an impact.

It’s easy to dismiss your own story – to consider what you’ve been through to be unimportant to anyone beyond your inner circle.

Maybe you’re guilty of minimizing yourself. But consider the ways you’ve cared for your community – maybe you’ve organized a charitable effort, maybe you’ve traveled the globe to learn more about its varied people, maybe you’ve simply raised a child in a loving home. Each of these things that makes up your story, makes up all of our history. It’s not all rovers landing on Mars, but it’s all impactful. Fostering the passion for your own story is a practice in appreciating the world at large.

Get started sharing your story today.

Memories In Writing is always here to help you and your loved ones track those moments. Maybe you’re ready to start recording what you’ve experienced or maybe you want to help your mom or dad get started. Either way, we have our Captured Memories Workbook, MIW Online and MIW Interview Service that make it easy and we’re excited to help you get started.

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