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You are the only person with your story

It's humbling, sometimes even comforting, to realize you're never truly alone in anything. No strange idea or thought has only ever occurred to you.

Perhaps, the fastest way to see evidence of this is to google a question you think is truly bizarre and see how quickly there are answers or even how the suggested searches point to the fact that someone somewhere else in the world has indeed wondered the same odd query.

We're never really alone in our thoughts or experiences, even though there are times when we may feel lonely or like no one understands.

There's comfort in knowing we don't just have ourselves, yes, but isn't it also beautiful to recognize that while others may know bits and pieces of our experience, not a soul on earth has the exact same life story?

You are the only person with your story. You are the only one equipped to share what you've lived in all the great and terrible details you've experienced.

Why does it matter? Because your story as a whole is made up of the bits and pieces that are familiar to others.

Your story connects.

The tiny elements of each lived experience are relatable to others -- maybe they're relatives who want to know more about their family history. Or maybe they're strangers just looking for guidance from someone who's known their same challenges.

Your story is yours alone, but it's a gift to so many others around you.

This is why we encourage memoir writing. This is why we aim to help anyone and everyone record their stories. We believe we all have a story and each story matters because, despite the similarities along the way, no two life stories are the same.

At Memories In Writing, we encourage everyone to embrace today by looking back at yesterday. Understanding your own story and the people, places, activities and events that made you is an incredibly important part of appreciating the journey of life. We'd love to help you rediscover your own story. To get started or schedule a consult with a representative to learn more, just visit

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