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Sweet Summer

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Sweet Summer, the time of year when outside air fills with laughter from children, daytime lingers longer, pools are opened, sprinklers are running, families around the country will load up suitcases and jet off to somewhere new and different or the same sandy beach they've visited for decades.

Summer is a memory maker. When many people look back on the joys of childhood, the first thing they see is barefoot splashing in a sprinkler with a popsicle in hand or a week long vacation that included a trip to a big city zoo or pristine white beach with aqua water like they'd never seen.

Sure, Summer memories look different depending on a parents' preferences, the family's overall lifestyle, or even what was affordable at the time, but the memories taste similarly sweet. There are fewer, if any, school buses, backpacks and homework. There's more time with loved ones at home than can be found the rest of the year. It's a break from the routine. And nothing makes memories quite like changing things up.


At Memories In Writing, we help individuals tap into the details of their lives so they can easily record and share their story with loved ones. Our workbooks offer dozens of prompts and questions to help, but one easy way to get started on your own is to think about the times in your life when the routine changed. This month, we challenge you to sit down for a few minutes and reflect on a specific routine change, maybe it's Summer or maybe not, but spend a few minutes writing down the memories made when things looked a little different at home.

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