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Memories, Though Subjective, Are Our History

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I’ve spent a lot of time this year thinking about all the people who aren’t still making memories with people they love. Millions of people lose a loved one each year. None of us is immune to loss. Certainly, a pandemic of nearly two years is making most of us painfully aware of that reality, if we weren’t already. But how often are we really thinking about what that means?

Those people lost don’t just disappear. No, they leave behind plans on calendars, projects unfinished, conflicts unresolved and maybe most tragic of all, stories untold.

Stories are our history. Memories, though subjective, are our history. They’re how we know and understand our world. They’re how we know and understand each other.

I’d go so far as to say other people’s stories are how we know and understand ourselves.

The events of our grandmother’s teenage life are things to which we never bore witness, but their lessons trickle down even without our knowing. They show themselves in how she navigates difficult situations. They show themselves in how she shares love. Those stories don’t end up in textbooks. They aren’t recorded by history. Their preservation, quite simply, is up to us.

So I ask you, as we stare down the barrel of another year, will you invest your time, money and energy in preserving stories? Will you invest in your world, your community, yourself, by recognizing how our stories and memories carry us all forward?

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