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Memories in Amber: Preserving Nostalgia

What is it about nostalgia that casts everything with a rosy glow?

The great songstress Joni Mitchell once said, “you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone.” All too often, it seems that we can’t fully appreciate what we have until we no longer have it. We cherish the past and bemoan the present. Sometimes, we may even find ourselves entering the memories of times gone by to escape from today.

But recalling memories isn’t just a form of personal escapism. Reminiscing is a bonding exercise for older generations and a method of instruction for future ones. Maybe that means spending thanksgiving swapping stories about the good old days. Or perhaps it means sharing the tales with a new listener for the very first time: “you never knew your grandmother, but when she was your age…”

Memories, both positive and negative, are precious and unique. One person’s recollection will never be precisely the same as another’s, even if both were present during the same era or event. Memory is more than just a historical statement of fact; it’s a reflection of individual perception.

That’s why reading a researched historical account is different from reading an ancestor’s personal journals. One is an objective account of events, the other is a glimpse of the lens through which your predecessor viewed the world around them.

And that brief glimpse into that lens of the past is invaluable—all the more so if it comes from someone you know and love. There have never been memories exactly like theirs before, and there never will be one again. Like heirlooms, the value of memories grows with age. Physical artifacts can be memorialized, encased in glass, put in a museum, and preserved for generations to come. Can the same be said of memories?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. It is possible to preserve the treasured memories of your loved ones so they can be shared with and cherished by future generations. Whether you are capturing the memories in a physical or digital format, Memories in Writing can help you memorialize these snapshots of the past.

Memories in Writing provides you with a memento that will last a lifetime. Like a fossil suspended in amber, our products are designed to perfectly preserve the past—the way you or your loved one remembers it. To give the gift of memory, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Think about the kinds of memories you want to evoke. Are they happy memories? Sad ones? Bittersweet? The answer can change the way we go about trying to tell the story.

  • How are the stories told? Are they shared family memories that your uncle has a knack for telling just the right way? Or are they memories from long ago when your grandmother was a child?

  • What period are the memories from? Drawing out older memories can be more intensive and detailed than more recent memories.

Remember that memories are more than just a story. They are a legacy! Let’s handle them with care and compassion so that they can live on as they should. Reach out today to get started.

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