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Learning our history can help us become better citizens of the world

(Sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine)

As of this writing, the world is at war. That could actually be said just about anytime. At any given moment, there is war in the world, but rarely is it playing out so quickly, furiously and in such great detail on our television screens and social media.

It’s been several days since Russia first invaded Ukraine and the men and women of Ukraine are still standing their ground, fighting in the streets.

For many in the younger generations, it’s stunning and shocking. It’s reminiscent of battles that came before their time or before they were old enough to understand what was happening.

But for those who lived through the major wars of our past – wars that forever altered and even stole lives of many young Americans – it’s familiar; it’s experience.

We’ve all heard talk of "The Greatest Generation". The lucky ones have read some of the great books about them. These were the people whose young lives were shaped by the Great Depression and World War II. They’re people who taught us, whether directly or through passed down wisdom, to live within our harvest and lend a necessary hand.

This particular war playing out on our screens right now might not feel like it’s about us. It isn’t happening on American soil. It isn’t actively threatening the lives of tens of millions of American men and women

But we know history. Thanks to millions of men and women who’ve lived to tell us about the horrors of living through past wars – the brave folks who shared their stories – we know that every war touches all of humanity. We know there will be lessons to learn from this one, as there was from all those before it.

This is why history is important. This is why we study, learn and read about the atrocities of our past. It isn’t so we can hold dangerous people and ideals up on a pedestal. It’s through personal stories shared and passed down that we can learn how to tread differently – how to hopefully one day avoid such tragedy.

Learning our history is how we can be better citizens of the world. And more often than not, it’s the personal stories shared between friends and family that can have the biggest impact.

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Photo by K Zoltan from Pexels

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