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Celebrate mom by learning her story

Mom, mama, mommy, mother, madre, auntie, grandma… it really doesn’t matter what you call the mother figure in your life.

What matters is the immeasurable love and care she’s shown you.

You see, moms are all different. Some give birth. Some come into the role by choice. Some never plan to be moms until they fall head over heels in love with a child who needs that loving care.

Many different backgrounds and circumstances, yet the impact is the same. Moms heal. Moms care. Moms influence and grow individuals into upstanding citizens of the society we all share.

Moms quite literally keep the world turning.

Most moms will tell you they wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure, there are late and long nights. There’s the giving up of much autonomy when little hands need holding and diapers need changing.

There are fewer date nights and more tantrums.

There are teenagers who’ve grown to be embarrassed by mom’s every move and young adults who move hours away to assert their independence.

But still, most moms will tell you they wouldn’t change the choice they made to nurture young people.

Moms come from different neighborhoods, backgrounds, emotional states and philosophies

. No two are the same, but our appreciation is.

This year, for Mother’s Day, show mom her story matters. Show her you care how she came to be the mother figure you know and love. We can help. Memories In Writing is a thoughtful way to show mom you care – with our memoir workbook, mom will be able to easily write and record her life story into a keepsake book to enjoy and share with generations to come. Order one now at

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