Everyone Has A Story To Tell, And Every Story Matters!

During this time of "Shelter In Place" and limited visitors; Purchase and Donate A MIW Story Sharing Activity Card Packet to a  Senior Living or Veteran facility of your choice.   The interaction and sharing of stories will be enjoyed by staff members and appreciated  by those in their care.

Memories In Writing has donated our Story Sharing  Activity Card Packets to more than 50 (fifty) Senior living facilities but have a list of more that are interested.  If you do not specify a location we will direct your purchase to one of those locations.   Thank You For The Consideration


Captured Memories Workbook

"if you don’t write it down—Then it never happened.” 
   - Tom Clancy

Abridged Version

72 Pages | 5.5 x 8.5" | ~100 questions

Full Version

216 Pages | 6 x 9" | more than 200 questions


MIW Online: My Story

Share and Preserve the stories your mother shared with you that were shared by her mother? 

Quarterly Plan

/ Month

$ 4.98

$14.95 Paid Quarterly

Annual Plan

/ Month


$45.00 Paid Annually

MIW Online: Our Stories

Stories untold are the ones best shared...


Quarterly Plan

/ Month

$ 7.00

$21.00 Paid Quarterly

Annual Plan

/ Month


$60.00 Paid Annually

Preserve Your  Story or Collection of Stories In a Digital or Hardbound Book

Online customers - Memories In Writing can compile your submissions and create a digital or printed book. You can access your password protected digital book online at a unique website address. You can also print, download, and share your book easily!    This allows your to easily share your story with family members and friends located near and far.

Workbook customers can mail their completed workbooks and  a selection of photos  to Memories In Writing, and we’ll transform it into a beautiful printed or digital book.

The option to purchase a hardbound copy is also available. 

MIW Story Sharing Virtual Workshop


“I enjoyed the workshop because I found other people’s stories very interesting and a lot like mine”  -L. Glen


 Memories In Writing will begin facilitating our Story Sharing Workshop by

web-conference.  Workshops include Story Sharing Activities, Tips and  tools on how to start writing your story... No background in or special talent for writing—stories, memories, and personal reflections fuel the process. Registrants receive a Captured Memories Workbook: Looking Back Edition Abridged Version. 


If you would like to be notified about upcoming sessions, 
please provide your email address below.  



You don’t have to be a Nobel prize winner or a decorated war hero… everyone has a story to tell, and every story matters!  Writing your own life story is such a worthwhile endeavor

Memories In Writing: Capture Memories Workbook
Memories In Writing Online: My Story
Memories In Writing Online: Our Stories
Memories In Writing Story Sharing Workshop


If you’re lucky enough to have your parents or grandparents around; Take every opportunity to get them talking about their lives. They will enjoy this engaging activity and you will appreciate the life-lessons they share.

Memories In Writing: Captured Memories Workbook
Memories In Writing Online: My Story
Memories In Writing Online: Our Stories


Any group that would like to compile their stories  & photos for everyone to enjoy.   Perfect for family reunions, class reunions, retirements, anniversaries, Veteran groups, baby showers & bridal showers.

Memories In Writing Online: Our Stories


Employees and volunteers can use this activity to engage and interact with individuals in their care.  The interaction and sharing of stories will be appreciated by those in your care and treasured by their family-members.

Memories In Writing: Captured Memories Workbook
Memories In Writing Online: My Stor
Memories In Writing Online: Our Stories


Teachers can facilitate a fun and engaging classroom writing exercise; encouraging students to capture stories from family members and/or local seniors. Students will enjoy & remember this experience.

Memories In Writing: Captured Memories Workbook
Memories In Writing Online: Our Stories


A meaningful gift that recipients will appreciate & their families will treasure.  Promoting your business on the back cover of our Workbook places information about your business in front of Current and Potential clients for many years!

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