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Transitions: Going from who we were to who we are

School is back in session for most American children. All across the country, parents are waiting in carpool lines, packing lunches and eagerly awaiting the stories of their children's days at school.

As summer faded, quickly growing teenagers were picking out new shoes and kindergartners were trying on backpacks for the first time. Some parents were doing it all for what felt like the hundredth time. Some just the first.

Back to school is one of the most blatant illustrations of transitions in life. Times when we move from who we were to who we are now. Kids who were preschoolers spending half their days back home with mom are card-carrying bus-riders with a lunchbox full of snacks and maybe a note from mom or dad if they're lucky.


They're not just for back to school. They're the changes in seasons; the new careers; the first time one becomes a parent; the empty nest and the long-awaited shift from working to retirement.

Nothing is constant except that everything changes, right?

Transitions can be sorrow-filled, full of joy, a roller coaster of emotions or smooth sailing. They're never one size fits all. They're what we need them to be. They're lessons and growth and leaving behind things that don't serve us.

They're becoming who we are, even when it means abandoning who we were.

At Memories In Writing, we know the important role life's transitions play in shaping our stories. It's why we put an emphasis on digging into your whole story rather than just the surface stuff. We believe everyone has a story to tell and every story matters. But most importantly, we know we're the right people to help you share yours. Find out more about our DIY Memoir options at today.

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