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To Survive, You Must Tell Stories...

“To survive, you must tell stories.” – Umberto Eco

We live in an age when it seems people around us are constantly taking photos. Any given

moment is being captured for social media. There’s a balance many of us are seeking –capture those moments to relive them later or be totally present and really soak in the feeling as it happens. It can be a toss-up, but there are options for posterity beyond saving a photo to an album.

Pictures tell us stories when we can no longer remember them, but the written word and

spoken story have been tools of survival for centuries longer. There are certain facts of life. We live a specific span of years in which we can create a set number of memories and have a limited number of experiences. That’s the reality of humanity. It is finite.

We are here for a set period with a start and a finish. But stories keep us alive. Stories introduce us to the great great grandparents before us, just as they’ll introduce our great great grandchildren to us one day.

All too often we get stuck in a pattern of wondering if our story is worth telling. Have we done anything significant enough to record in time? We believe the answer is yes for everyone. Every story is significant. Every story is both a drop in the bucket and the thousand ripples that follow.

Who you are, how you’ve lived, where you’ve been and everything you’ve touched have made an impact far beyond what you will ever see. There will likely be descendants who bear your name and likeness, but will they get to know you in your own words?

That’s where Memories In Writing comes in. We believe everyone has a story that is worth

sharing and we want to make it easy to do so. We have three easy ways to preserve your story or help a loved one preserve theirs in a digital or printed book to keep or share. Find out all the ways we can make sharing your story a comfortable experience at

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