Our Online solution is perfect for individuals that would like to Capture their stories using a computer or mobile device. It is structured to assist users with preserving their life story or preserving a compilation of memories, by providing an easy to follow structure and memory prompting questions.


MIW Online Workbook Customers Receive:

  • Access to the MIW Online Workbook, which is broken into chapters that walk users through their life stages.

  • Access to Memory  Prompting Questionnaires, and videos designed to help users recollect their memories.

  • The ability to answer the memory prompting questionnaires or record your stories

  • The ability to print your stories and download recordings

  • The ability to upload or paste stories if already written

  • The ability to add up to 25 photos with captions

MIW Online Workbook 1 Year Plan:  Includes 2 Custom Hardbound Books, which will contain your story, photos and up to 150 pages. (Extra Copies Can Be Ordered)

MIW Online Workbook Subscription Plan: Optional - Purchase a full color Hardbound Book Plan at the completion of your story capturing project and we will preserve you story and photos in a full color hardbound book - up to150 pages (Extra Copies Can Be Ordered)

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