Help a Loved-One Preserve Their Stories

Take every opportunity to get them talking about their lives. Ask them about the goals they set during their youth, the plans they made, their accomplishments, what they’re proud of, and their most meaningful memories. 

Our Captured Memories Workbook, Abridged Edition  makes it easy to capture and preserve your loved one memories.  Our  abridged edition was developed to capture an individuals memories but also as an interview guide; Making it easy to capture the memories of others.   This spiral-bound workbook is full of thoughtful questions that will help spark their memories. 


Completed workbooks and  a selection of photos can be sent to Memories In Writing, and we’ll transform it into a beautiful printed or digital book.

Memories In Writing Online: Our Stories, is another easy way to capture written and recorded stories and photos from your loved one.  This solution not only allows stories from your loved-one but also the ability of others to easily share a story and photo about them.

You will receive a copy of all of the stories and photos and can compile them for sharing;  or If you choose, Memories In Writing will compile your submissions into a beautiful digital book for you to download, print, and share.   Hardbound books are also available. 


/ Month

$ 39

  • 30 Minutes (Video or Voice Recordings)

  • 0 - 25 Written Story and/or Photo Submissions


/ Month

$ 69

  • 60 Minutes (Video or Voice Recordings)

  • 0 - 50 Written Story and/or Photo Submissions


/ Month

$ 99

  • 90 Minutes (Video or Voice Recordings)

  • 0 - 100 Written Story and/or Photo Submissions

Online customers - Memories In Writing can compile your submissions and create a digital or printed book. You can access your password protected digital book online at a unique website address. You can also print, download, and share your book easily!    This allows your to easily share your story with family members and friends located near and far.

Workbook customers can mail their completed workbooks and  a selection of photos  to Memories In Writing, and we’ll transform it into a beautiful printed or digital book.

The option to purchase a hardbound copy is also available. 


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