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Give the gift of Capturing, Sharing and  Preserving Stories to potential and existing clients, employees & members. We offer products and  Programs designed for businesses and organizations.


Promotional - Captured Memories Workbook

Promoting your business on the back cover of a Captured Memories Workbook places information about your business in front of Current and Potential clients for many years!


Promotional Workbook Condensed Example

30% Discount Off The Retail Price
Pricing Includes Shipping & Handling Cost

The Captured Memories Workbook is a beautiful 6 x 9 spiral bound workbook that contains over 200 thought-provoking questions carefully chosen to guide you through life’s twists and turns.  Each Workbook covers such stages as Early Years, Adulthood, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Beliefs, Opinions, and more. Extra pages in each section allows additional comments, insights, or memories—making each completed workbook truly one-of-a-kind.

Benefits of purchasing this promotional package: 

  • Personal Touch- Handing someone this memorable keepsake will trigger a smile and an occasional tear of joy... 

  • Increased Visibility - Advertising  your business on the back cover will place your product or service top-of mind every time someone views it.  You will have access to not just your client but their family and friends for many years.

  • Differentiation - Providing clients with a Captured Memories Workbook will differentiate you from the competition.  It is something that current and potential clients will enjoy and their families will appreciate. 

This solution is perfect for individuals that may not be technically savvy.  


Promotional - Memories In Writing: Online

Our Online promotional package allows you to give potential or existing clients a Memories In Writing: Online Package by providing them your unique gift code (which provides flexibility in distribution).  You can promote your business on the back cover of their Digital Book which will place information about your business in front of Current and Potential clients for many years!  

Online Digital Book - Condensed Promotional Example

40% Discount Off The Retail Price

Benefits of purchasing this promotional package: 

  • Email and Mailing List - Clients will receive a list of individuals that activate their gift cards. (this list will contain email address information) 

  • Increased Visibility - Your business will be advertised on the back cover of the users digital book., because of the ease of distribution of their book to family and friends (email, mail and online), this will  increases the number of individuals that you reach.

  • Flexible distribution -  Your assigned customer code can be distributed by utilizing your internal marketing mechanisms (email, newsletters, flyers, direct mail, etc.. )


"I learned so much about myself.  I may have known
but forgot.  The booklet jarred my memory"

—  B. Bain

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