“Unprecedented Times”… Posted on billboards, spoken in commercials, incorporated in marketing letters and appearing on websites. What does this term mean for you?

The other day I went to visit my mom at her senior living facility — visitors are not allowed inside but able to meet with the residents via., face-time, video conference or through the window. Moments after I arrived, she was escorted to the window, I was pleased when I saw that she and her caregiver were wearing isolation masks. Due to her dementia, she is unable to comprehend what is going on around her, therefore she spent the majority of the visit trying to convince me to come inside… She was happy and was being “mom”, in her “new mom” way; which allowed me to leave satisfied feeling that all was well.

After leaving my mom’s facility, I stopped by a nearby restaurant to pick up carryout and was mocked by a lady sitting nearby. It was obvious that she wanted me to hear… “Why are these idiots wearing masks; it’s not that serious…”. What she did not know is that as of this note, my moms living facility has a 100% fatality among its residents that have contracted Covid… Me wearing the mask was not only my attempt to be a responsible citizen but also a symbol of Hope… “Hope” that I will be able to receive the customary pat on that hand from my mom and hear her sing her favorite James Brown song when we make it through this “unprecedented time” and welcome our “new norm”….

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Photo by: Ani Kolleshi

Many of us have been tasked with staying home and keeping our loved ones safe and healthy. Use some of this time at home to start capturing and preserving your memories; or helping a loved one capture theirs.

Taking a walk down memory lane can help us cope, reaffirm our identity, and feel more fulfilled. And it doesn’t end there…

Reminiscing can also:

  • Reduce depression and anxiety

  • Enhance self esteem and sense of well-being

  • Improve quality of life

  • Create a renewed sense of meaning

And when we share our memories and our parents share their memories with us, we are collectively passing down priceless stories that become part of the family history and will live on for generations.

To spark those memories, try looking through old photo albums, rewatching favorite movies or shows, or listening to music from different periods of their life. And get ready...for some laughs- and probably a few tears!

Looking for a simple way to reminisce?

Memories In Writing is committed to helping you capture your memories and preserve your aging loved one’s special stories with a range of easy-to-use solutions. Check out how simple and enjoyable it can be.

You don’t have to be a Nobel prize winner or a decorated war hero… everyone has a story to tell, and every story matters!

Choose a few people at random off the street and ask who influenced them the most growing up. You’re likely to hear the same list of people: Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, coach, teacher, pastor. Sure, we may look up to famous athletes or musicians, but the people closest to us are the ones that really change our lives.

What about you... who influenced you most? Think about the stories they told. Do any stand out in particular? Maybe you loved hearing about the crazy adventures your dad went on as a child, or about how your grandparents immigrated with only $20 and a firm belief in the American dream.

These are the stories that stick with you - the stories that shape your worldview. They’re woven together to form the tapestry of your own personal story!

If you’re looking for a fun way to write your story or help your aging loved one write theirs, consider one of the enjoyable solutions from Memories In Writing! We’ve worked hard to make sure capturing and preserving those priceless memories is easy for you.

We love helping people hold on to precious family stories and wisdom. Learn more about Memories In Writing, our goal of “1 million stories by 2022,” and what drives our passion for capturing, preserving, and sharing stories.

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