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Taking the first step in preserving memories  can often be difficult.

Memories In Writing Offers Simple & Effective Approaches

Captured Memories Workbook: Anniversary Edition

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Captured Memories Workbooks guide you through life’s memorable moments, milestones, and passages. They’re an easy-to-use and enjoyable way to get started on a memoir, or to preserve your life story and collected wisdom for yourself, your children, or your grandchildren.


We offer our beautifully designed, spiral-bound memoir workbooks in two editions. Each edition contains questions that prompt you to record your memories and experiences—at your own pace. With sections that focus on life stages as well as the events and forces that shaped your world-view, you’ll have plenty of inspiration and guidance to dig deep. Once done, your completed workbook makes a precious keepsake.


The Captured Memories Workbook: Anniversary Edition helps you celebrate it. The Anniversary Edition contains 150 questions, broken into “his” and “hers” sections that preserve the cherished moments that brought you together and forged your enduring bond.


What Makes the Captured Memories Workbook Unique?

Once you've completed your Workbook, you can mail it along with a selection of photos, documents and other special memorabilia, to Memories In Writing.  We'll transform it into a comprehensive narrative starring the writer.  Finished books are hardbound, full-color 8.5" x 11" keepsakes., offering a polished story that ordinary photo albums and scrapbooks can't.

A sample of what is inside:


Who are the main characters in your life story?

In this section, the writer introduces him or herself and the members of his or her family.

Dating & Marriage

What's your love story?

Writers share the story of their marriage, from first date to proposal to wedding day. With the perspective of time and wisdom, they also have an opportunity to share thoughts on relationships and marriage in general.

In Your Own Words

I want you to know...
This is where the couple shares a few thought with one another

Parenting & Meet Our Children:

How did you parent? What did you learn from your children?

Writers share memories of their children, their family life, and their thoughts on parenting in this section.


Who were your for-footed friends?

This section is for the special pets that enriched writer's lives.

A peek inside our
Captured Memories Workbook


What else is precious to you?

Not everything fits neatly into a category. Here, writers capture other memories, thoughts, and insights not included elsewhere in their workbooks.

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Retail $14.95

The Looking Back Edition uses easy-to-answer questions carefully designed to guide individuals through life’s milestones and passages. Each workbook contains multiple sections, covering such life stages as Early Years, Adulthood, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Beliefs, Opinions, and more. Extra pages in each section allow the writer to include additional comments, insights, or memories—making each workbook truly one-of-a-kind.


Memories In Writing Workshop at our Greenville,  SC  location We offer one, two and three day workshops.  

Host a Workshop at Your Location A MIW Representative will come  to your location and facilitate a workshop.

Memories In Writing Workshop Facilitator KIT contains all the materials you need to offer this engaging activity at your senior living facility.


Promote your business on the back cover of a Captured Memories Workbook. Express your appreciation by telling your customers “Thank You” in a memorable way by giving them a customized  Workbook.

Once you’ve completed your Captured Memories Workbook, you can mail it, along with a selection of photos or documents to Memories In Writing. We’ll transform it into a comprehensive narrative starring the writer.

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